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Bethel AMEC
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Bethel AME Church

Serving the Montalba, Jerusalem, Providence, Tennessee Colony and Blackfoot Communities

God, Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, Man our Brother


Welcome to the Bethel AME Church where Brother Marlon Minnifee is the pastor, serving the spiritual needs of the residents Anderson County Texas and the surrounding areas. We welcome all who come and visit our church located at 6333 Anderson County Road 403 in the community of Montalba Texas. Sunday School teaching begins at 9:30AM followed by Praise Worship and Preaching at 11:00AM each Sunday.

Our spirit-filled worship is led by our pastor Brother Marion Minnifee and the choir.  Come and be blessed with us as we lift our voices in teaching, praise, and preaching.

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of SH19 and FM321 in Montalba, TX go East on FM321 to ACR403. Turn right on ACR403 and go about 5 miles through the beautiful east Texas woods and you will find Bethel in this most beautiful pastoral setting: Worship God in the Woods of East Texas!

Bethel AME Church was founded shortly after the end of the Civil War between the Northern and Southern states of the United States of America.  The end of this Civil War brought an end to Slavery and reunited the United States.  At that time Bethel met the needs of black former slaves and Free people of color in Anderson County, Texas.

Much progress has been made since that time and now Bethel is prepared to minister to all people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ without regard to race or ethnicity.  Click on menu item "Our History" for more information regarding the history of Bethel AME Church.

Bethel is a local congregation of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Click on this link to learn more about the AME Church.  As stated previously, Bethel AME was founded during the days of racial segregation in the US, primarily for the Freedmen of this area.  However the times have changed (Praise The Lord) and Bethel has changed with the times.  The "African" in our name simply reflects our heritage not that we only serve people of African descent.  Come and visit us, worship with us.

Our Mission

The mission of Bethel AME Church is the same as the mission of the world-widw African Methodist Episcopal Church: "To minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ's liberating gospel through word and deed."  Bethel AME prepares its members, both Lay and Clergy, to carry out that mission in the local church, carrying out the spirit of the Free African Society out of which the AME Church evolved: that is to seek and save the lost and serve the needy


Bethel AME is a member church of the Tyler Presiding Elders District, North Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.

Now, about our church: We are a Connectional Church, a local congregation of the worldwide African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC). The AME Church, with roots that go back to 1787 in the United States, has been serving the African-American (Black) community from the days of slavery to the present time. Bethel has a rich History reaching back to the early Post-Civil War era where former slaves and Free people od color were among its early founders.

Because some misunderstand the meaning of our name "African Methodist Episcopal" we thought it not robbery to explain its meaning:

AFRICAN - means that the church was organized by Americans of African descent and heritage, some actually born in Africa and brought to the US as slaves.

It does not mean that the church was founded in Africa or that its membership is for or consist of  people of African descent only. It does mean that those Americans who founded it were of African descent and we proudly recognize this fact. We welcome all who worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior regardless of color, ethnicity or background.

METHODIST - refers to the church's membership in the family of Methodist churches. Richard Allen, the founder and first bishop, felt that the form and format of Methodism would best suit the needs of the African community at that time.

EPISCOPAL - refers to the form of government under which the church operates. The Episcopal form of government means that the chief executive and administrative officers of our denomination are our bishops whose authority is given them by the General Conference, elected representatives of the entire denomination. The responsibilitiy of the bishops is to oversee the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church.


The Bethel AME Church is a member of the North Texas Conference, 10th Episcopal District, AMEC, where the Right Reverend Gregory G. M. Ingram is the presiding Prelate and President of the North Texas Conference.   The Reverend Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram is the Episcopal Supervisor. The Church is part of the Tyler Presiding Elder's District, The Reverend Darrell G Caldwell is the Presiding Elder.

Contact Information

Postal address
PO Box 244 CR 403 Palestine, TX 75833
Physical Address:
6333 Anderson County Road 403 (Near Montalba, TX)
Electronic mail
General Information: sec@bethelame-montalba.org
Customer Support:
Webmaster: btrustee@bethelame-montalba.org


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